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Noteworthy Upcoming Criminal Cases

The information on this page is subject to change as jury trial dates are often moved. Please check back frequently.

Last updated Thursday, August 11,2017.

Jury Trials

Defendant Case Number Jury Trial Date Summary
Trey Nonombre 2015-CF-2427C 9/11/2017 1st Degree Murder
Dwayne Edward Cummings 2016-CF-239 9/11/2017 1st Degree Murder
James Michael Hardy 2016-CF-321A 10/2/2017 Principal to Murder in the 2nd Degree
Jimmie McNear 2015-CF-2427B 10/16/2017 1st Degree Murder

Sentencing Hearings

Defendant Case Number Sentencing Hearing Summary
Jimmie McNear 2015-CF-2427B 9/1/2017 Hearing


No Case Information Currently Available. New cases are added periodically. Please check back later.


Defendant Case Number Date Summary
Dwayne Edward Cummings 2016-CF-239 8/30/2017 Docket Sounding
James Michael Hardy 2016-CF-321A 9/19/2017 Docket Sounding
Jose Hernandez Jr 2017-CF-566A 9/28/2017 Case Management
Andrew Thompson 2017-CF-234 1/19/2018 Case Management